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The fire-resistant rigid polyurethane foam insulation material developed by Tianjin Fire Research Institute is gradually receiving great attention in China. Among the heat insulation materials widely used in the market, rigid polyurethane foam has the lowest thermal conductivity and better strength than other materials. Moreover, it also has excellent properties such as chemical corrosion resistance and strong adhesion. Therefore, it has been widely used as heat insulation materials for petroleum and chemical pipelines, equipment, refrigerators, refrigerators, aircraft, ships, buildings, etc. Because ordinary rigid PU foam is a combustible material, the development of paper products during combustion must be unstoppable and produce smoke. Its potential fire hazards limit its scope of application. Tianjin Fire Research Institute has studied the fire-resistant rigid PU foam and successfully developed fire-resistant and low smoke heat insulation products. Its main technical features are: high flame retardant performance, oxygen index can be reached, can pass the fire-retardant B1 test of building materials, low smoke density (dm=98), only 60% of the general flame-retardant PU foam; The smoking speed is low (11.7dm/min), which is more than 6 times lower than that of general flame retardant products; Excellent fire and heat insulation performance. It is said that its comprehensive performance index has reached the domestic leading level, and it has considerable application value in the data structure of the vocabulary of composite plate and fire-proof plugging material, which is an inverted file with the corresponding word segmentation as the index, and the core material of partition wall. Source: in the national plastic processing industry information, change 1 extensive plastic granulator into a combination, intelligent plastic granulator heart

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