Jianghuai Geer launched ten new products, focusing

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Jianghuai Geer launched ten new products, focusing on express efficient logistics transportation

Jianghuai Geer launched ten new products, focusing on express efficient logistics transportation

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on November, 2015, the 2016 annual business conference of Geer heavy truck with the theme of "deepening marketing, respecting customers and win-win" was officially held in Hefei. The conference system highlighted the achievements and shortcomings of Jianghuai Geer heavy truck in 2015, and grandly released the 2016 product strategy, studied and judged the 2016 market trend, clarified the goals and tasks and important measures

2016 is destined to be an extraordinary year for GEFA. At the meeting, Jianghuai GEFA launched 10 new models and first released the "Kajia" car coupling system. An Jin, chairman of Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Holding Co., Ltd. and Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd., and Xiang xingchu, general manager of Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd., attended the meeting and made important speeches; Wang Bing, general manager assistant of Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. and general manager of heavy commercial vehicles, delivered a keynote speech at the annual meeting; GEFA dealers from all over the country gathered together to jointly interpret the products, marketing and after-sales service strategies of Jianghuai GEFA in 2016

Wang Bing, general manager assistant of Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. and general manager of heavy commercial vehicles, made a keynote speech, saying: the economic environment has entered the new normal, the prospects for fixed assets, real estate investment, and bulk goods trade volume are uncertain, and the de productivity is increasing. However, the development of express logistics, the continuous promotion of the elimination and upgrading of yellow standard vehicles and the upgrading of user products will release the new demand for medium and heavy trucks. Therefore, the sales volume of the heavy truck market in 2016 will be basically the same as that in 2015, and the competition in the segment market will be more intense

with the continuous transformation of the national economy, this year is still a difficult year for commercial vehicles. Both OEMs, dealers and truck users are deeply feeling the pressure under the new normal. Jac heavy commercial vehicles withstood heavy pressure in this year, with a decline less than the industry average, and remained in the top six position in the production and sales of commercial vehicles. In response to this situation, many leaders of JAC automobile repeatedly emphasized the significance of continuing marketing at the meeting, encouraged dealers to change their marketing mode, completely change the habit of sitting on the market, and provide customers with solutions through active marketing to achieve market breakthroughs and truly achieve win-win results with respect to customers

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, JAC heavy commercial vehicles have made considerable and steady development in the field of economic transformation. In 2016, keeping up with the national "13th five year plan" policy is still the top priority for the development of JAC automobile enterprises. Looking at the general trend of the industry, although the coal, steel, infrastructure and other industries related to the heavy truck industry have shown a limited growth trend, with the promulgation of the new yellow standard vehicle policy, JAC heavy commercial vehicles will rise against the trend and achieve greater development

in the face of the increasingly specialized market pattern, we should pay attention to the high-end development of products and constantly improve technology research and development. It has become a general trend to produce safe, environmental friendly and energy-saving products. Only by taking safety, environmental protection, leading technology research and development and oil conservation as the foundation of the enterprise, can we win the respect of the market. In addition, we need to bear in mind that compliance management is an important core of enterprise development. Only by taking the construction of a large enterprise with a sense of country and society as the goal and deepening it into the core of corporate culture can we achieve the new development of enterprises. For the development of heavy-duty commercial vehicle industry, keeping in mind that fuel saving is the last word, giving full play to the advantages of core power, constantly improving the matching of leading technologies, and operating in strict accordance with national standards can create an enterprise with core competitiveness

At this business conference, JAC launched the GEFA "Kajia" car service cloud system, which includes system architecture, vehicle management, fault maintenance, operation information, risk prevention and control, value-added information and other functions, marking that Jianghuai GEFA is fully moving towards the era of Internet intelligence

in view of the characteristics of light weight, high efficiency and economy required by the logistics industry in the future, JAC heavy commercial vehicles have made a lot of technical reserves. This year, 10 new models of rapid logistics will be launched, including 5 lifting bridge products, an automatic transmission model, a new black gerfa K6 and three K7 new platform series products

JAC GEFA cooperated with Finland SISU heavy truck to launch five new cars, including medium bridge lifting, rear lifting, double lifting and so on. In view of the fact that the express logistics industry is light goods, which requires large containers and high timeliness, the 6x2 medium bridge lifting truck and 8x2 front and rear double lifting truck launched by GEFA came into being. The front steering axle (second axle) of these two models can be lifted. The double airbag arrangement is adopted. One airbag is responsible for shock absorption and the other airbag is responsible for lifting. Lifting the steering axle under light load can not only reduce fuel consumption, but also solve the problem of large tire loss of dual guide models

in addition, the rear axle of 8x2 truck adopts hydraulic lifting technology, which is relatively mature and low-cost, and is relatively easy to popularize on trucks. Heavy load is the first four and the last eight forms, which can improve the bearing capacity. Light load can change into 4x2 instantly, and the improvement in aging and fuel consumption is very obvious

for one-way no-load or light load, 6x2 lifting bridge saves fuel and tires, with ultra-high cost performance. Jianghuai GEFA launched two forms of 6x2 lifting bridge products this time, including 6x2 medium bridge lifting products and rear axle lifting products

from the development history of foreign trucks, it can be seen that automatic transmission is a trend of truck development in the future. Gelfa exhibited an automatic transmission model at this annual meeting. This model adopts FAW Zitong's highly efficient transmission and Cummins isge430 engine, which are mainly oriented to the high-end logistics market

in addition, GEFA K7, which has attracted much attention in the media and networks, has finally been able to see its true face! The new platform model adopts a modified cab, which has a beautiful appearance, and the interior has also been greatly adjusted. In terms of power, it is equipped with mesford 4.8L and 7.2l engines, fast gearbox and Ankai drive axle. At present, K7 is positioned as the high-end model of gelfa K series. The main equipment and dynamometer include tractor, truck and other models, which are expected to be on sale in the first half of next year

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