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Jiangsu and Zhejiang marketing and operation center of huazibu group was officially established in Nanjing. March 10 is a material day that can inhibit or delay combustion and make itself not easy to burn. Jiangsu and Zhejiang marketing and operation center of Guangdong Zhongshan huazibu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was officially established in Nanjing, which will provide strong talent and sales support for the company to build a national top coating brand

at present, the annual sales of ficot paint and magic paint under wazb have exceeded the 100 million yuan mark, and have successfully entered the "100 million yuan club" of the paint industry, becoming a well-known first-line brand

the turnover of wazb group increased by more than 40% last year, among which energy-saving paint became the dark horse in the paint market at the end of last year, and the sales of furniture paint doubled, and the products were sold to more than 30 provinces and regions in China

Mr. Huang Hongting, CEO of huazibu group in China, said that the core competitiveness of an enterprise is the brand image, and the ultimate development of an enterprise depends on the brand. This time, we set up a marketing operation center in Nanjing, mainly to use the big platform of Jiangsu and Zhejiang generation and various resources to develop our brand. I think after years, we will make Wordsworth become the leader in China's paint industry

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