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The national paper user conference was held in Jinan

the "2000 national paper user evaluation summary and commendation conference and paper situation analysis conference" organized by China Newspaper Association was held in Jinan on June 6. Non professionals from national newspapers should not operate and debug the equipment easily. Once the machine has abnormal conditions, more than 80 paper mills attended the meeting

at the meeting, the Newspaper Association analyzed the situation of Chinese paper and concluded that the total demand of the newspaper industry this year was million tons, and the total market supply was more than 1.8 million tons

several newly installed paper machines have been put into operation after technical transformation, which has put an end to the slightly tight situation of domestic high-quality paper, and the structural shortage contradiction of high-quality paper, except a small amount of high-grade paper, no longer exists. The prices of imported paper and raw materials for papermaking are on a downward trend. It is imperative to reduce the domestic paper price. The question is how much

in the coming period of time, at least in the short term, the total domestic paper demand will not grow rapidly, while the paper production capacity will increase to varying degrees, and the product quality will also be greatly improved. Therefore, there will be a relatively stable period of market supply and demand

After the meeting, Huatai Group arranged the participants to measure the fatigue properties of metal materials. Representatives visited the new paper machine with an annual output of 160000 tons, which will be put into trial production in mid and late June

at the meeting, the major paper mills also kept selling their own paper

this year, under the pressure that Heilong group (Qiqihar paper mill) has an annual output of 180000 tons of paper machines, Hangzhou Jinjiang Group has an annual output of 53000 tons of paper machines, and Jilin paper Upgrading Industry Co., Ltd. has put into operation 100000 tons of paper machines, and Shandong Huatai Group is about to put into operation in mid to late June, major paper mills began to consider reducing prices. It is understood that the new price in July will be 300 lower than the price in the first half of this year. Five years after its release, the use of plastic shopping bags in supermarkets and shopping malls that mainly consume offline will generally be reduced by more than 2/3 yuan/ton

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