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Can GAC's 4.7 billion yuan investment in new energy vehicle "Qianlong" hit the sky

recently, the board of directors of GAC group announced that the capacity expansion project of GAC passenger cars, a subsidiary of GAC, with a total investment of 4.694 billion yuan, was unanimously approved. According to the plan of Guangzhou Bayer Material Technology to exhibit polycarbonate material automobile, GAC passenger cars will launch 9 new models of trumpchi in 2017, including 3 new energy vehicles. Judging from the strategic layout of GAC's products for many years, the launch of new energy vehicles is unprecedented

policies are forced to follow the trend

in fact, compared with other large groups and various private capital, GAC has always been low-key in the field of new energy vehicles. Why would GAC choose to invest heavily at the moment of the sharp decline of subsidies and policy adjustment, and regard new energy vehicles as the core development strategy

from the perspective of external reasons, the accounting policy of new energy vehicle points method has played a certain role in promoting GAC's large-scale entry into new energy. According to the previous regulations issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, by 2018, the new energy vehicles produced by automobile manufacturers should reach at least 8% of the total output (10% in 2019; 12% in 2020). The credit management method sets the proportion of new energy vehicles in the product layout of automobile enterprises with more than 2700 R & D personnel as a rigid index

by comparing the sales of GAC in recent years, it is found that the growth rate of GAC passenger cars in the field of new energy is "amazing". The sales of GAC passenger cars in 2014, 2015 and 2016 were 80, 1266 and 3378 respectively, with "explosive" growth for two consecutive years. However, due to the low base, the cumulative sales volume in the three years is still less than 5000

it is worth mentioning that at present, GAC motor has only one new energy vehicle GA5 PHEV "hitting the world". According to the calculation method of new energy vehicle points, by 2018, the new energy vehicles produced by automobile manufacturers should reach at least 8% of the total output. If calculated on the basis of GAC motor's goal of selling 500000 vehicles in 2017, GAC motor will sell at least 40000 new energy vehicles in the same year, but at present, GA5 PHEV sold only a few thousand vehicles in 2016, which is still far from reaching the standard

at the same time, the two joint ventures of GAC group have less power in the field of pure electric vehicles, and it is difficult to rely on joint ventures to promote new energy vehicles. Perhaps GAC has realized that the promise made at the beginning still needs to be completed by itself to be "reliable". It is not difficult to understand why GAC group should accelerate the pace of expanding new energy industry projects

layout will blossom in the future.

from the perspective of internal analysis, at present, China has raised the development of new energy vehicles to the national strategy. If GAC group wants to occupy a place in the future market, it is urgent to vigorously promote new energy vehicles. GAC group has long realized the importance of new energy vehicles for the future development of the enterprise, and has a very broad plan for it. In 2015, in the 13th five year plan put forward by GAC group, it was pointed out that GAC group will take "electrification" as the major breakthrough direction of its future business, adhere to the technical route of pure electric drive, master the core technologies such as "three electricity", build a platform for the industrialization of new energy vehicles, and realize the large-scale development of new energy vehicles

at the end of 2015, GAC passenger cars set up a new energy vehicle branch to increase R & D, production and market investment in the field of new energy vehicles. At the same time, GAC group also formulated the "153" new energy development strategy to clarify the construction of R & D platform, core technology R & D and key product development directions

fengxingya, executive director and deputy general manager of GAC group, once said that during the "13th five year plan" period, GAC plans to invest 7billion yuan to accelerate the development of new energy vehicles. By 2020, the production and sales of independent and joint venture new energy vehicles of GAC group will exceed 200000, accounting for about 10% of the total production and sales of vehicles. At present, a bottle of copper powder products rich in scientific and technological strength closed at 1139, up 0.44%. At the 2017 North American auto show, GAC motor launched two new heavy-duty models, the "pure electric new energy SUV" ge3 and the plug-in hybrid crossover concept car enspirit. In addition, trumpchi has launched a number of models based on the three new energy platforms of plug-in PHEV, pure electric EV and hybrid HEV. GA5 PHEV has been launched, and seven new models will be launched in succession in the future. Among them, ga3s PHEV, GS4 PHEV and ga6 PHEV are three plug-in hybrid models. Pure electric vehicles include GS4 EV, ev coupe and trumpchi ge3, which will be launched soon. There is a high-class car in the hybrid model, which is likely to be the ga8 new energy version

according to cuidongshu, Secretary General of the national passenger car market information joint meeting, it is not too late for GAC group to start developing new energy vehicles. After early market cultivation, new energy vehicles are transitioning to a demand-oriented market, and product quality, performance and service are becoming key factors to occupy the market. After years of technological research and development, GAC group, if it can launch products that can be recognized by the market, The future development is worth looking forward to

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