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National Marine Corrosion Protection Engineering Technology Research Center passed the project

National Marine Corrosion Protection Engineering Technology Research Center passed the project

February 21, 2012

[China paint information] recently, it was learned from the Ministry of science and technology that the "national marine corrosion protection engineering technology research center" was officially approved for the project

the center is established by relying on the Institute of Oceanography, Chinese Academy of Sciences. After its establishment, it will change the simple indoor experiment mode when users choose equipment, and build a first-class project. 7.5.4 if the frost resistance meets the corresponding strength level in Table 3, it will be judged as meeting this level, otherwise it will be judged as unqualified base, forming an industrial chemical engineering research and development entity integrating introduction, demonstration and promotion, Promote the technological progress in the field of marine corrosion and protection in China, and drive the rapid development of relevant industrial chains

the center will build an integrated platform of "production, learning and research", gather and cultivate a number of academic leaders and innovative backbones at the forefront of international marine corrosion and protection science and technology, cultivate a group of high-level scientific researchers with superb technology and first-class business, face the actual needs of enterprise scale production, improve the maturity, compatibility and engineering level of existing scientific and technological achievements, and accelerate the transformation of enterprise production technology, Promote the upgrading of products, create a mechanism for the transformation of local scientific research achievements that effectively meets the needs of materials, accelerate the promotion of new marine corrosion and protection technologies, break the bottleneck that restricts the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and become the research and development and scientific and technological innovation center of China's marine corrosion protection industry, the engineering demonstration center for the assembly of scientific and technological achievements, the scientific and technological foreign exchange center, and the talent training and technical training center

after completion, the center will focus on the development of marine economy, the protection of marine environment, the reduction of waste of resources and other fields. According to the needs of national economic and social development, the center will take the corrosion protection of steel structures and reinforced concrete structures such as wharves, bridges and offshore platforms in typical sea areas and basins in China as the main research object, aiming at major key issues such as corrosion protection, corrosion state monitoring/detection, safety evaluation and life prediction of marine engineering Basic and common technologies should pay attention to the use standards of electronic universal testing machines, and develop engineering technologies focusing on corrosion protection technology in the spray splash area of steel structures, corrosion protection and repair and reinforcement technology of marine reinforced concrete structures, cathodic protection optimization and corrosion monitoring/detection technology of marine engineering, safety evaluation and life prediction technology of marine engineering, and marine biological pollution prevention technology, At the same time, the integrated marine corrosion protection technology includes marine atmospheric corrosion monitoring and protection technology, marine biological corrosion and fouling technology, environmentally sensitive fracture and hydrogen permeation of steel structures, and sacrificial anode protection technology

"national marine corrosion protection engineering technology research center" will be committed to the systematization, matching and engineering research and development of scientific research achievements, provide mature and supporting technical processes and technical equipment for large-scale production of enterprises, play an important role in ensuring the safe operation of China's marine engineering and the safe development of marine resources, and will play an important role in achieving industry advantage accumulation, resource sharing and talent training, Standardizing the industrial product standard system plays an important role in promoting the rapid development of China's overall level of marine corrosion protection technology, and promoting the development of complete sets of marine corrosion protection technology into the international advanced ranks, so as to meet the urgent needs of the rapid development of China's marine economy

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