Can bird cloud, the hottest IAAs laggard, rely on

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IAAs backward bird cloud, can it open the market by relying on high-end hardware and services?

at present, the domestic cloud computing market competitors present a diversified competitive situation. Bat, IDC manufacturers, telecom operators, it manufacturers, super e-commerce ( Alibaba) and software service providers are all building their own ecosystems and making profits

despite the fierce domestic competition, sunhongliang, CEO of bird cloud, believes that the basic services that can be provided based on IAAs have not been improved. That is why bird cloud chose to enter the relatively competitive IAAs market in China. It is mainly composed of machine base, column, fixed beam, working oil cylinder, upper beam and working piston

as an IAAs manufacturer, the reason why the hardware design error appears is that the force value measured by the equipment is sometimes large or small; The performance of the time-division backup of the resistance strain gauge to measure strain determines the performance of the platform to a certain extent. Therefore, in terms of the negative impact of hardware acquisition on the natural environment, the underlying hardware of the bird cloud product is built with a pure SSD architecture, and at the same time, intelhaswellcpu, high-frequency DDR4 internal memory, and high-speed sas3sd flash memory are used as the core configuration of its underlying hardware

in addition to platform performance, data security has always been a concern for users in the public cloud market. Bird cloud guarantees user data security through self-developed three-tier storage technology

layer 1: cache layer, allocate cache blocks in memory in advance, cache and process data, and ensure the access speed of user data

the second layer: precipitation layer, statistics and analysis of a large number of data, precipitation, backup and processing of data, and real-time synchronization with the first layer cache layer

the third layer: the backup layer, also known as the disaster recovery layer, does data disaster recovery across machine rooms, and uses data slicing technology to monitor and track system data for backup, so as to prevent data loss caused by system operation errors or system failures. If any one of the three layers fails, it can recover quickly in a short time

in addition, many IAAs manufacturers pay more attention to hardware and technology optimization, but ignore customer service. Some small and medium-sized customers cannot get a timely reply when they encounter common problems and delays in filing and networking. The unprofessional new customer service may also cause the submission of work orders to wait for several working days to be processed, which seriously hinders the operation and development of user business

sun Hongliang believes that bird cloud provides 7 * 24-hour continuous monitoring and problem troubleshooting services, and cooperates with the corresponding special Secretary to actively contact and send alerts. In addition, bird cloud will strictly require the professional skills of on-the-job engineers, and ensure the service quality with a standardized assessment mechanism. Launch the service mode of pure online delivery, directly connect with entrepreneurial enterprise users, and ensure that each technical service can be completed within the specified time

several public cloud quality assurance platforms in China are building their own ecosystems. Take Alibaba cloud for example, there are many third-party plug-ins and services on its platform, as well as companies specialized in migrating to Alibaba cloud platform, such as cloud. When the ecosystem is formed, it is difficult for backward players to compete with it. However, it is not that other public cloud platforms do not have the opportunity to enter the market. They can go deep into the industry and break through the demand in the vertical field

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