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The national nanoscience center was officially unveiled

the national nanoscience center was officially unveiled

April 1, 2003

with the rapid development of nanotechnology, nanotechnology in China has increasingly received the attention and support of relevant departments. On March 22, the national nanoscience center was officially unveiled. It is reported that the state will invest 250million yuan to support the construction of the national nanoscience center

according to academician Bai Chunli, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nazi scientific and technological research in China started relatively early. Compared with developed countries in the world, China still has a certain gap in the research of nano devices. With the Chinese Academy of Sciences as the trust, the national nanoscience center established by the nanoscience center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, Tsinghua University, etc., will help further promote the sustainable development of basic research and application of nanotechnology in China, promote the application development and industrialization of nanotechnology, and is expected to better achieve the national strategic goal of the long-term development of nanotechnology in China

Researcher Xie Sishen, director of the national nanoscience center, said that as a public advanced technology platform representing the national level, the national nanoscience center will focus on the forward-looking nanoscience and technology with important application prospects, based on the cooperation with integrated steel mills, Facing the national strategic needs, carry out high-level experimental operation and data processing research in line with gb228.1 (2) 010 "tensile test method for metallic materials at room temperature". With the goal of achieving innovative achievements in several important fields and obtaining independent intellectual property rights, the center focuses on nano devices and nano processing, nano life science, nano structure and performance characterization methods, and nanotechnology applications, so as to promote the improvement of the overall level of nano scientific research in China. It is reported that the recent research directions of the national nanoscience center focus on nano processing and nano devices, nano

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