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National "model worker" Jiang Ziqiang participated in the central deeds sharing group

National "model worker" Jiang Ziqiang participated in the central deeds sharing group

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National "model worker" Jiang Ziqiang was selected into the "Rainbow life - the most beautiful youth of struggle" central deeds sharing group. From December 8 to 13, the members of the sharing group were divided into two groups to Liaoning, Jilin, Hebei Secondary vocational schools in Hunan carry out campus sharing activities. Jiang Ziqiang also shared his growth story with the students

National "model worker" Jiang Ziqiang participated in the central deeds sharing group of the Youth League

JIANG Ziqiang told his life experience from dropping out of high school to being elected as a national "model worker". In 2006, Jiang Ziqiang dropped out of school and went home because his grades were not ideal. Confused, he followed persuasion and began a career of technical learning. In five years, Jiang Ziqiang almost gave up his vacation time. He actively participated in competitions at all levels, and it was difficult to record the gauge distance value to teach. He successively obtained the qualification of senior workers and technicians such as CNC lathe workers, CNC milling workers, CNC machining centers, etc., and achieved the completion and production certificate as soon as possible. In 2011, he came to the mountain reconstruction machine to work. During the working period, learning and innovating while making machining positioning devices, improving cutting tools and establishing new methods of aligning workpieces have greatly improved the work efficiency. The company provided him with equipment, cutting tools and materials to practice his skills, and the labor union of the company extended a helping hand when he was in trouble, so that he had no worries at home. Jiang Ziqiang lived up to the company's training and expectations for him. He actively exercised his labor skills and knowledge theory level, and achieved excellent results in skill competitions at all levels. With his impressive work performance, he won the "National May Day Labor Medal" in 2014

this short life experience of several years has the joy of success and the agony of failure, but more importantly, unremitting persistence has great explosive power and hard-working sweat. He talked about his mental journey from confusion to success, and shared his struggling life with the majority of students. He told everyone with his success: as long as you are confident and work hard, life will be wonderful

the hearts of the participants were strongly shocked, and bursts of applause broke out on the scene from time to time. After sharing his experience, Jiang Ziqiang interacted with the participating students

it is reported that the campus sharing activity of "Rainbow life - striving youth is the most beautiful" excellent secondary vocational school graduates is hosted by the School Department of plastic granulator technology, which vigorously develops and utilizes renewable energy and industrial waste heat. The members of the sharing group are composed of excellent secondary vocational school graduates from the front lines of production, construction and service. We encourage everyone to work hard and become high-quality talents required by national construction

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