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Can direct drinking water from water purifier be drunk directly

nowadays, in water appliance stores, there are a variety of water purifiers, and even water purifiers with display screens, which can not only play a decorative role, but also prompt users to clean and replace filter elements in time. Although there are many kinds and brands of water purifiers, and their publicity functions are similar, the prices vary greatly, from two or three hundred yuan cheap to more than 3000 yuan expensive. Some household central water purifiers are even priced at tens of thousands of yuan

consumers: unable to identify the quality of water purifiers

ordinary consumers, because they don't know much about water treatment knowledge, most of them can only listen to the explanations of promoters when choosing these products, and they simply can't distinguish the quality of products

according to Mr. Chen, a person from a water purifier brand office, it is difficult for ordinary consumers to identify the quality of water purifiers because water quality processors involve many professional knowledge, such as water sanitation, chemicals, machinery manufacturing and so on. At present, the water treatment methods of water purifiers include activated carbon filtration method, reverse osmosis method, ion exchange method, etc. due to many kinds and complex materials and technologies, most of them are filters in the market, which can only improve the water quality and should not be drunk directly. At present, the functional engineering plastics of water purification devices on the market account for about 10%, which can be divided into three categories: filtration, purification and softening. However, most water purifiers in the market can only play the role of primary filtration, filtering out large particles, microorganisms, harmful bacteria, etc. in the water, and some can't even filter out heavy metals

expert: the water treated by the water purifier should not be drunk directly

according to professionals, to truly realize the direct drinking of the water purifier, it generally needs to go through four processes, the first is activated carbon, the second is fiber filter element, the third is activated carbon or coconut shell filter element used to improve the taste of water quality, and the fourth is reverse osmosis membrane. This water purification equipment is equipped with a water inlet and a waste outlet, which can discharge 15% - 20% of the water containing phosphorus pollutants, various colloids, chloroform and other harmful substances through the waste outlet. At present, the water purifiers on the market generally only have the first three devices, and those water purifiers that claim to soften water at a price of twoorthree yuan are difficult to achieve their claimed functions

there is a special fifth suggestion that if you want to buy a water purifier, you should choose products with high cost performance according to the needs of your family. First of all, when purchasing water purifiers or drinking fountains, consumers should ask the merchants to check the approval documents of the relevant health departments to confirm whether the product has passed the health quality appraisal of the health supervision department. Secondly, consumers should choose products according to their use purpose and the filter material of the water purifier. If the requirements for water quality are high, the purification function of using composite filter material must be better than that of using a single filter material. The automatic measurement mode cannot be adopted, and the purification effect is good. However, no matter what kind of water purifier is used, it is best to boil the water before drinking if the specimen breaks, the experimental force exceeds the limit, the number of experiments reaches the set value, and the lubrication system is abnormal. (end)

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