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Can brilliance, which focuses on the "focus" strategy, return to the main track

Brilliance China m8x intelligent body workshop

according to the data released by the China Association of automobile manufacturers, the production and sales of domestic automobiles in this month were 14.432 million and 14.551 million respectively, a year-on-year decrease of 9.6% and 9.7% respectively

an industry consensus is that the COVID-19 has pressed the accelerating key of the survival of the fittest in automobile enterprises, and the market "Matthew effect" has intensified. In order to adapt to the changes in market demand brought about by the new round of consumption upgrading, it is urgent for independent brands to rise

for brilliance, the task of change is full of urgency

in 2019, the whole group of brilliance sold 801000 hydraulic oils for universal testing machines, with an operating revenue of 181.3 billion yuan and profits and taxes of 45.311 billion yuan. However, in the sales volume of 800000 vehicles, the sales volume of the joint venture brilliance BMW was 545900 vehicles, and the sales volume of brilliance's independent products continued to decline. On the other hand, recently, brilliance group fell into a 120 billion debt storm. How to solve the "liquidity crisis" has become the focus of attention

one year after the leadership change, brilliance group finally made a sound

On the eve of the 2020 Beijing International Auto Show, Qi Kai, vice president of brilliance group, admitted in an interview that brilliance did have some liquidity problems in the short term, and has now established a debt Committee. "With the improvement of business conditions and the passing of the epidemic, we will gradually get out of the dilemma."

in fact, dealing with the debt problem is only a microcosm of brilliance's change. Different from the external cognition, in the year of external silence, the reform action within brilliance group is quietly unfolding

if you want to do good things, you must first sharpen your tools. In fact, from the past experience of enterprise reform, major changes almost begin with "cutting" the organizational structure. According to Qi Kai, as one of the pilot units of the reform of two state-owned capital investment companies in Liaoning Province, brilliance group has compressed the advantages of the process brought by high precision and high reproducibility from level 9 to level 3 according to the management right, which is also in response to the requirements of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Liaoning Province

specifically, the group headquarters is the first level of brilliance's management structure. "The group headquarters has more than 100 people, mainly engaged in strategic and major investment and financing risk management and other major management and control businesses."

secondary enterprises mainly manage assets and main operation directions. Qi Kai said that at present, brilliance has five business directions: passenger cars, commercial vehicles, parts, new energy and travel and services, and nine enterprises undertake tasks in the five directions. "These nine tier-2 enterprises are responsible for managing the huge tier-3 enterprises below. Tier-3 enterprises are responsible for daily production and business activities."

taking brilliance Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. as an example, Qi Kai showed that as a secondary enterprise, brilliance Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has independent production qualifications for passenger cars and new energy vehicles, and its business scope covers vehicle R & D, manufacturing, procurement, sales, services, etc. Under the unified management of the passenger car sector, powertrain, R & D and production, vehicle logistics, sales services, energy management and other businesses work together to support each other, laying the foundation for long-term sustainable development in the future, which is also the most important of the nine secondary enterprises

"brilliance group has integrated the resources of the whole industrial chain of research, production, supply and marketing of independent passenger cars, and is committed to collecting high-quality resources, breaking organizational barriers, and developing the group's passenger car business with high quality." Qi Kai bluntly said that today, brilliance autonomous passenger cars have been fully integrated into brilliance manufacturing company, improving the efficiency of decision-making

"the leadership of brilliance manufacturing can decide many things without reporting to the group level." Qi Kai said, "we focus on decentralization, and the group only cares about risk prevention and control. At the same time, we can customize various experimental data processing software and experimental AIDS according to domestic and international standards provided by users, such as major investment and financing."

this year marks the end of the 13th five year plan and the preparation of the 14th five year plan. In the process of planning for the "14th five year plan", the layout of automobile enterprises has also attracted much attention

it is worth mentioning that at the communication meeting, Qi Kai revealed for the first time the preliminary development plan of brilliance group during the "14th five year plan" period

it is reported that the development concept of brilliance group in the "14th five year plan" is reform and innovation, opening up and cooperation, focusing on its main business, and has set a sales target of 1.95 million vehicles in 2025

Qi Kai said that during the "14th five year plan" period, Brilliance will adopt the strategy of "focusing on its main business and shrinking the front" to concentrate its advantageous resources and focus on complete vehicles and parts. "We will develop joint venture brands brilliance BMW and brilliance Renault golden cup, private joint ventures brilliance Xinri and brilliance Xinyuan, and independent brands China."

"the finished vehicle business is planned at the end of 2025, and the production and sales volume of the whole group is expected to be about 1.95 million, including 1.4 million passenger cars and 550000 commercial vehicles." Qi Kai added that there are 1.1 million passenger cars, including 650000 BMW Brilliance, 300000 Zhonghua and 150000 brilliance Xinri. 850000 commercial vehicles, including 600000 brilliance Xinyuan vehicles, 150000 brilliance Renault golden cup vehicles, and 100000 trucks and special vehicles

to some extent, it is not easy to achieve such a sales target under the background of the adjustment period of China's automobile market and the further increase of the market share of leading enterprises. Especially for brilliance's independent sector, there are still many hurdles to overcome if we want to win this "turnaround"

taking Brilliance China as an example, due to the launch rhythm of new products and other reasons, the sales volume of Brilliance China models is not optimistic. How to revitalize the independent product camp has become a problem that brilliance must solve

Qi Kai frankly said that at present, brilliance china products are undergoing structural adjustment and the original models are being upgraded. "Now gb/t 22796 (2) 009, V3, V6 and V7, which are covered and covered, will be developed on the corresponding platform. It is expected that they will be launched successively from the second half of next year. Brilliance Zhonghua plans to launch 16 models by 2025."

he also said that in the future, Brilliance will complement its product weaknesses and deficiencies through "common platform development". "In the future, we will have products developed on our own platform, products developed on a common platform, and institutional and institutional guarantees, so the goal of 300000 vehicles in the future can be achieved."

in the field of new energy, brilliance Rixin is becoming the main body of brilliance's electric vehicles. It is understood that brilliance Xinri was established in August 2018. It is a joint venture between brilliance and Xinri, a private enterprise that makes electric bicycles. It will produce small pure electric vehicles. "At the end of October, the first model of brilliance Rixin will come off the production line, and small batch production will be carried out at the end of this year. It is planned to have at least 30000 vehicles next year and 50000 vehicles the following year."

in terms of intelligence, it is reported that brilliance is currently developing secondary automatic driving and will carry out more cooperation with technology companies in the future

"we can discuss the past, but don't forget that we must face the future. Brilliance group has both successes and failures, so in the process of summarizing, we have always looked forward, and we should focus more on the future." Qi Kai said so

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