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The national major scientific instruments project was settled in the nuclear and radiation safety center of the Ministry of environmental protection. From December 27 to 28, 2011, the nuclear and radiation safety center of the Ministry of environmental protection (the project leader) organized and held a consultation meeting on the launch and implementation of the national major scientific instruments and equipment development project "low and medium level radioactive aerosol in the environment, iodine ground and aviation monitoring devices", The participants came from the nuclear emergency department of the nuclear and radiation safety center of the Ministry of environmental protection, the scientific research and Planning Division, Tsinghua University and Beijing Radiation Application Research Center

at the on-site

meeting of the project launch and implementation consultation meeting, the leading unit first introduced the overall situation of the special project, systematically expounded the main contents of the project implementation plan, task statement and project approval document, and further clarified the work tasks and division of work of each undertaking unit and the project operation mechanism; Since then, Tsinghua University and Beijing Ray Application Research Center have reported various tasks, specific implementation plans, technical solutions, expected results and technical indicators

according to the review opinions of the Ministry of science and technology on the project assignment, the three units negotiated and determined the assessment methods of the expected results and assessment indicators of the project, and the establishment of special organizations

at the same time, all task units discussed the difficulties encountered in the organization and implementation of high-carbon soldering iron, which may increase by 2% month on month during the implementation of the project, and the shortage of application development and industrialization demonstration funds, such as the cut-off dictionary

finally, the leading unit reiterated several issues that should be paid attention to in the organization and management of this special project and the use of funds, and strengthened the quality assessment. The leaders of the scientific research and planning department also said that they would strongly support and cooperate with this special project

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