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The national paint and coating special rectification action has achieved remarkable results

in March 2008, the national paint and coating special rectification action was launched, and the national quality inspection system will carry out special rectification actions for ten categories of products such as paint and coating nationwide. In 2009, with the launch of the special rectification action of paint and coating in Chongqing, Shanghai, Hebei, Wuhu and other provinces and cities in Anhui Province, enterprises with unqualified quality in the spot check were dealt with in accordance with relevant laws and regulations to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. This year's nationwide paint and coating rectification action was launched again. Nearly accounting for more than 3% of the sales revenue, Tianjin actively organized costola ENSO to focus on many resources in the packaging field around the goal of "quality publicity, quality improvement, quality remediation, quality service and quality construction", so as to enhance the "quality and safety year" activities of the transformation exhibition, strengthen the special rectification work such as coatings, and strive to create a good investment and development and livelihood environment

in a number of special rectification activities, architectural coatings, wood coatings, putty, adhesives and other products are the focus of rectification. In the process of implementing the renovation of the paint and coating industry, the relevant departments have established the standardized development of the entire paint industry as the goal of rectification and governance, and will implement classified supervision on the enterprises producing and processing paint products around this goal. The enterprises that have obtained the production license shall be supervised according to the relevant acceptance rules of the production license; 3C enterprises that have obtained compulsory certification shall carry out compulsory inspection of their products in strict accordance with the requirements of the certification rules; For unlicensed enterprises, once found, they will coordinate with the safety supervision and environmental protection departments to take shutdown measures. At the same time, it is widely involved in the inspection of raw and auxiliary materials entering the factory, product sales, certificates and tickets, executive standards, product quality inspection, production and processing process, key quality control points, etc. of paint manufacturers, as well as the product identification, quality inspection certificate, trademark infringement and other issues of distribution enterprises. Severely cracked down on the illegal production behaviors of some coating and paint enterprises, such as lowering the specification, lowering the grade, shoddy, Jerry built and so on

in addition, there have been records of quality violations, consumer complaints, media exposure, imperfect or ineffective quality and safety control system, as well as unqualified paint and coating production and processing enterprises and small workshops, black dens that produce and process fake and shoddy products, building materials markets that sell fake and shoddy paint products, individual small shops, etc. have been included in the rectification and spot checks. Such measures have played a positive role in building a batch of leading enterprises, guiding enterprises to update their concepts, improve quality, and establish brands, so as to drive the healthy development of the entire coating and paint industry. Restricting illegal dealers is conducive to creating a fair competition environment, standardizing the market and safeguarding the rights and interests of consumers

on the other hand, the constantly improving and standardizing paint market also puts forward new requirements for the ongoing and future special rectification actions of paint and paint. According to Huicong paint, the environmental standard for paint "technical requirements for environmental labeling products waterproof paint" issued by the Ministry of environmental protection has been officially implemented since May. The standard stipulates that it is not allowed to artificially add glycol ether and its esters, phthalates, diamines, alkyl polyoxyethylene ether, branched sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate hydrocarbons, ketones, halogenated hydrocarbon solvents to waterproof coatings. At the same time, the standard also puts forward limit requirements for volatile organic compounds, radioactivity, formaldehyde, benzene, benzene solvents, free toluene diisocyanate in curing agents and other substances. From the date of implementation of this standard, waterproof coating products that fail to meet the standard will no longer be allowed to be produced; From July 1st, 2010, products that fail to meet the standard are no longer allowed to be sold on the market. Industry insiders also suggest that in the future, the special rectification activities of recyclable multi-layer composite flexible packaging films for coatings and paints, such as pet/polypropylene, pet/polyethylene, and metal plastic composite materials industry, may be closely followed by industry regulations and relevant specifications and policies

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