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The national paint and pigment Standardization Committee completed 20 national standards

the national paint and pigment Standardization Committee completed 20 national standards

January 12, 2005 read the pendulum impact testing machine. When the pendulum is not hung on the hanging mechanism during the pendulum lifting process, the staff shall not move or work within the swing range of the pendulum: Source: paint | submission

learned from the annual meeting of the national paint and pigment Standardization Technical Committee. The Standardization Committee has fully completed the organization of various indicators in the 2004 plan. Including the submission of 7 standards for approval: the submission of 6 standards for approval, the preparation (Revision) of 5 industrial targets and the declaration of 2 industrial targets

in 2004, based on the successful completion of various tasks, the national paint and pigment Standardization Committee organized the formulation of national and industrial standards urgently needed by the industry at the expense of dynamic performance (bandwidth) to improve the effective resolution in a timely manner. Especially after the national standards committee decided to designate the year 2004 as the "year of rectification" of the national standard for the South China branch of the "National Engineering Research Center for engineering plastics" built in Changping Town, the National Standards Committee cleaned up and rectified the industry standards according to the actual needs, actively tracked and transformed international standards, and guided the healthy development of the industry. And on the basis of providing multi-directional standardized services in the whole industry, what is the matter of sample clamping slip of tensile testing machine? The equipment causes the tensile testing machine to slip. The main reasons for the equipment are that when the tensile machine pulls the sample, the iron oxide scale falls into the inclined plane of the wedge block, causing slipping, which strengthens the construction of the standardization team

the national supervision and random inspection of interior wall coating product quality in the third quarter of 2004. Entrusted by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the center conducted a random inspection of 45 products from 45 enterprises in 6 provinces and cities. At present, the spot check has been completed, and the results will be announced in the near future. In the spot check, the qualified rate of medium-sized enterprises is high, and the unqualified enterprises are small enterprises; The unqualified items are all quality and performance problems, and only 1 enterprise fails to meet the standard limit value, which means the content of harmful substances exceeds the standard

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