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The development research center of the State Council put forward the basic ideas of energy development in the research on the basic ideas of the Eleventh Five Year Plan and the long-term goals of 2020

1. In the first half of this century, we will strive to use three 15 years to achieve the goal of sustainable development in China's energy development. Specifically: to double energy consumption and quadruple economic growth by 2020 (the first 15 years, please tell each other). By 2035 (the second 15 years), the diversified development of energy will begin to take shape, and the ability of renewable energy to achieve large-scale development will be basically formed. By 2050 (the third 15 years), initially realize the sustainable development of energy. After 2035, the new energy demand is mainly provided by renewable energy, nuclear energy and other new energy sources

2. In order to achieve the long-term sustainable development goals, four transformations should be realized. First, energy supply has shifted from simply meeting the basic needs of economic development to the dual goal of paying attention to environmental benefits on the basis of meeting the needs, so as to achieve the coordinated development of economy, society and environment. Second, the policy focus has shifted from focusing on the supply side guarantee capacity to improving the supply capacity. In other words, hermitz believes that improving energy efficiency is linked, and energy conservation is given priority. Third, the development mode of the energy industry has changed from government planning and strong regulation to giving full play to the market-oriented mechanism under the guidance of the government. Fourth, energy development has shifted from "self balancing" based on domestic resources to an international strategy, making full use of both domestic and foreign resources and markets

3. Three goals should be achieved during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan". First, solve the new round of energy supply shortage, reverse the adverse situation of the economy's increasing dependence on energy, and initially form laws, standards and incentive systems conducive to energy conservation and consumption reduction. Second, get rid of the "strange circle" of large-scale and contemporaneous fluctuations in the energy industry, and establish a long-term development mechanism of government guidance and limited supervision, full market competition, and independent operation of enterprises, so as to ensure the sustained and stable growth of the energy industry and form an open, orderly and efficient energy market. Therefore, the standards of all automobile enterprises are fulfilling the standards system of joint ventures. Third, we have initially established an emergency mechanism and early warning mechanism for dealing with emergencies that endanger national energy security, especially in view of the large-scale fluctuations and continuous rise in international oil prices, we have taken a variety of measures to reduce the damage to China's economy, and the "going global" of the oil industry has made important progress

4. By 2020, the specific goals are: the primary energy demand will be about 3 billion tons of standard coal (about 2.1 billion tons of standard coal in 2010), the proportion of coal consumption will be controlled at about 60%, the dependence on oil imports will be controlled at about 60%, and the reduction rate of major pollutants will be 35% - 40%. A diversified, clean and safe energy supply system and a new mechanism for sustainable energy development will be initially formed, Lay a foundation for further development in the future

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