The hottest rookie network end distribution robot

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Cainiao terminal distribution robot will be put into use this year, with a total of 60million packages per day, making the logistics industry the fastest-growing industry in China. Over the past 10 years, the compound growth rate of China's express business volume has exceeded 30%. At the 2016 global smart logistics summit held on June 13, Jack Ma, chairman of the board of Alibaba group, said that China's express delivery has been able to reach the Everest training base, and couriers can deliver houses and poles to customers; In the future, the upgrading of the logistics industry will be achieved by the power of technology, data, integration and sharing. Ensure that all testing operations are carried out in a stable and orderly rhythm

this global smart logistics summit with the theme of reconnection attracted 69 celebrities from 14 key areas around the world to Hangzhou, and nearly 1000 people from the logistics industry attended. The heads of mainstream express companies and postal companies in the world and China attended the meeting and discussed topics such as intelligence, big data, urban terminals, rural areas, cross-border and infrastructure

at the opening ceremony of the summit, Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba and chairman of cainiaolu, said that after more than 10 years of explosive growth, the global express industry has faced a turning point to avoid becoming a new hot material with functional modification in recent years, so as to avoid unsafe accident points. It needs to complete intelligent transformation to support the sustainable growth of e-commerce economy in the future. It is understood that the E.T. laboratory set up in cainiaolo has completed the research and development of high-performance thermoelectric and power-saving materials and technologies, and has become a number of projects related to end distribution robots, warehouse picking robots and so on, and will be put into use in succession this year

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