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Rookie IOT strategy speeds up the country's first robot distribution center in Nanjing, enabling hundreds of robots to shuttle accurately to 0.05 mm, in an orderly manner, distributing thousands of packages to more than 60 directions. On January 22, cainiaolo announced that the country's first IOT robot distribution center was opened in Nanjing

rookies revealed that with the vigorous promotion of IOT strategy, IOT technology is blooming everywhere, and the backbone of intelligent logistics covering the country is providing efficient and inclusive logistics services

the first IOT robot distribution center in Nanjing has enabled

hundreds of robots to move rapidly in the distribution center, sorting packages to more than 60 distribution points in Nanjing in an orderly manner to facilitate efficient delivery by couriers

only four years ago, the industry still widely used manual identification of the face list on the package, relying on memory classification, and then unified transportation and delivery, which was very inefficient. Introduction by Zhong Xiang, a rookie flexible automation engineer

with the completion of the industry wide coverage of rookie electronic face orders, each package has been digitalized with an ID card, and automation equipment has a place to play. It has been rapidly popularized in the whole industry, bringing about a great acceleration of packages

the first IOT robot distribution center in China opened in Nanjing this time is mainly used for the distribution of medium and large pieces. Zhong Xiang, a rookie flexible automation engineer, introduced that this system takes IOT technology as the core, applies computer vision and multi-agent robot scheduling technology, and realizes the whole process controllable, intelligent recognition and rapid distribution of large parcels in the whole distribution center

according to the introduction, the robot distribution system can handle more than 90% of super class parcels, which is 1.6 times higher than the traditional manual distribution efficiency. At the same time, it can be deployed and relocated quickly, and the distribution flow direction can be increased according to the business, which is convenient for rapid replication, and will continue to improve the automation level of the whole industry

IOT concrete pressure testing machine is a frequently used testing instrument to speed up the delivery of packages.

through rookie electronic face sheet, logistics Tianyan, intelligent voice assistant and real-time computing abnormal collaboration technology, rookie is continuously exporting technology to the industry, and working with businesses and logistics enterprises to carry out the digital and intelligent upgrading of people, goods, yards and warehouses

the data shows that in Nanjing, at present, from merchant delivery to terminal distribution, rookie technical services account for more than 80% of packages, realizing full link optimization

Take Nanjing storage center as an example, IOT technology allows the storage situation in the whole warehouse to be real-time. After applying the intelligent picking system, goods can be quickly picked and packed in the warehouse. Rookie provides merchants with full link intelligent supply chain management, ensuring the arrival of all kinds of FMCG, electrical appliances and other commodities in East China on the same day and the next day

in the transit link, major domestic express companies have used the rookie logistics Tianyan system in the transit center to improve the transit efficiency. Taking Yuantong Nanjing transfer center as an example, logistics Tianyan fact monitors the operation of the transfer center, point cargo area, bay and parking space, which can timely warn of stagnation and excessive accumulation of operations and improve operation efficiency

in the last 100 meters, the rookie intelligent voice assistant can help the couriers and post station employees call C. measurement methods: measure the force value through deformation, measure the force value through height, measure the deformation through force value, measure the height through force value, communicate efficiently, and reduce a large number of repeated low service activities

rookies said that with the promotion of IOT strategy, IOT centered technology is being applied on a large scale in the logistics field, and has been widely applied in many places, making package delivery more intelligent and time efficient. The whole society will enjoy nearly 80% of PBT, which has been modified to a more inclusive and efficient logistics service

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