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Roof spray? Pole spray? Unexpectedly, these "artifact" of haze and dust removal

with the time entering December, the 2019 Henan air pollution prevention and control battle has officially entered the decisive period. On this occasion, leaders of relevant departments and bureaus in Henan Province have intensively praised and investigated a high-tech environmental protection enterprise in Zhengzhou, which undoubtedly sends a strong signal to the society and enterprises: the in-depth development of science and technology can provide strong support for Henan to win the battle of air pollution prevention and control, and the continuous progress of Henan enterprises can convey Henan wisdom for the national regional haze and dust control

when the equipment has a brain, a small nozzle reflects the wisdom of the city

you can imagine a scene. For example, in autumn and winter, the haze index of a city is relatively high, so the intelligent brain of our equipment can decide whether to turn on the equipment according to the test results, and timely adjust the spraying frequency and time, and also integrate the pollution degree, wind direction, weather conditions, solar radiation and other factors, Select the most reasonable spraying mode. The whole process is completely automated, and all real-time data can be viewed on the screen.

on December 1, with the introduction of the person in charge of the product, I interviewed Zhengzhou litchi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and was once again surprised at the rapid pace of development and upgrading of this company

it is noted that the new generation of litchi technology equipment is a comprehensive upgrade of the first generation of equipment. For example, the equipment has pre ultrafiltration of water quality, avoiding the secondary pollution of spray; The coverage area of the system has tripled to 3million cubic meters; The appearance and internal accessories of the product have been modularized. Of course, the biggest change is the more intelligent brain. The brain can not only make statistics, but also conduct further analysis, judgment, estimation and improvement based on big data, so as to further serve the people's livelihood and help the smart city. If the litchi technology high altitude intelligent haze removal and dust reduction system a year ago is a sharp edge of haze removal, then the new haze removal terminal that successfully completed the update iteration this year can already become an indispensable part of the future smart city construction

the business increased by 300% year-on-year, purifying the air by 600 million square meters, benefiting millions of people

let the blue sky and white clouds often exist in Henan. How can Zhengzhou litchi environmental protection technology firmly occupy the commanding height in the red sea of environmental protection economy

it is understood that since its establishment in 2016, the company has established a close industry university research cooperation system with the school of artificial intelligence and environmental engineering of Nankai University, Putian, Hangzhou PHYU and Northwestern Polytechnic University, with Professor Song Yuqin, professor and doctoral supervisor of the school of environmental science and engineering of Peking University, executive director of the China Sustainable Development Research Association and executive director of the China Development Strategy Research Association, as the technical consultant, It has also established strategic cooperative relations with many central enterprises and military enterprises, and its R & D capacity and production capacity have been strongly enhanced

according to the strong technical support and talent team, there are now as many as 34 intellectual property rights of Zhengzhou litchi environmental protection technology. Projects are located in Zhengzhou, Xinmi, Xingyang, Shangqiu, Jiaozuo, Xinxiang, Zhumadian, Zhoukou, Nanyang, Xiangyang, Hubei and other places. The total number of equipment installed has reached 186 sets, with a year-on-year business growth rate of nearly 300% in 2018. The continuous purification of about 600 million cubic meters of air has improved the atmospheric environment in the daily lives of nearly one million people

contribute to the blue sky and white clouds in Henan this enterprise has been praised many times by the leaders of the provincial department

on November 30, 2019, Wang Zhongtian, director of the Department of ecological environment of Henan Province, accompanied by guolijun, director of Zhumadian Ecological Environment Bureau, and other leaders, climbed to the roof of a residential building in Zhumadian City. At this time, a high-altitude intelligent haze removal and dust reduction equipment produced by Zhengzhou litchi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was in operation, The nearly 20 meter long water mist column is scattered from the high altitude under the action of the wind, covering an area of about meters. Countless fog droplets carrying electrons quietly capture the haze floating in an area of 1million cubic meters

on November 29, 2019, Li, the former deputy leader of the third inspection team of the Organization Department of Henan provincial Party committee and deputy department level inspector, bridge concrete component fatigue testing machine product parameters: Baoming and his party went to Zhengzhou litchi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to listen to the introduction, see the exhibits, talk about cooperation, observe the modern and intelligent exhibition hall and equipment. 2. The performance characteristics of electronic universal testing machine construction site, and repeatedly praised

if the line of sight was longer, on November 3 a year ago, Wang Zhongtian, director of the provincial environmental protection department, pan Bing, director of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, and other leaders led the main responsible comrades of the environmental protection construction bureaus of all districts in Zhengzhou to visit the intelligent haze and dust removal system of the company's projects under construction. After learning that the enterprise is a local enterprise in Zhengzhou high tech Zone, Director General Wang Zhongtian pointed out: to cultivate your enterprise, you have done a great thing for the whole Chinese people. This equipment has realized my dream of three years ago. I am very glad to see it landing in Zhengzhou high tech Zone today

according to the person in charge of the enterprise, Zhengzhou litchi environmental protection technology has repeatedly received the attention of leaders, and all employees feel very heartened. In the future, in the process of enriching product types and intelligent functions, the enterprise will strengthen quality management and cost control, make the equipment user-friendly, facilitate business expansion and give back to the society, so that more citizens can enjoy cleaner air and improve the quality of life

a scientific and technological worker told that, compared with the haze and dust removal device sprayed at high altitude, he paid more attention to the unlimited application scenarios of Zhengzhou litchi environmental protection technology in the future in the urban regional environment to comply with the new situation of the rapid development of China's new energy vehicle industry and the increasing number of power batteries year by year. For example, in the future, on several roads stretching 7 kilometers in the Yicheng District of Zhumadian, It is possible that all street lamps will be equipped with litchi technology's street lamp intelligent haze removal and dust reduction system. In this way, the key to urban dust control will no longer be a round-trip sprinkler, a mechanical fog gun truck, but a key on the app

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