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Cainiao became the benchmark of the national logistics industry, and the green experience was promoted nationwide. Release date: Source: Zhongxin Jingwei

on March 29, the Ministry of Commerce and the State Post Bureau issued a notice to promote the typical experience of express logistics nationwide. A series of measures taken by rookies in the Green Governance of express packaging have been selected and become the benchmark of green action in the national logistics industry. It is reported that rookies have launched a wider range of consumer goods. The city's food packaging and catering industry has issued strong protests. The "rookie ocean" action, in which consumers participate, encourages green behavior and helps purify the beach

the notice shows that rookies work together with tmall supermarket and retail platform to promote the delivery of original boxes and recycled cartons, so that 70% of the package delivery will not use new cartons; During the "double 11" period in 2020, more than 500 brands were united to carry out the delivery of original cartons or cartons without adhesive tape. If the wind speed was too high, it would speed up the test pieces Table 1. Regularly check whether there was oil leakage at the main engine and the oil source. The heat exchange between the surface and the active air flow in the box was less, and the length of adhesive tape used exceeded 86million meters

Cainiao is the first enterprise to launch green action in China's express logistics industry. It took the lead in setting up a Cainiao green alliance public welfare fund with the China Environmental Protection Foundation, and continued to lead green exploration and practice, forming a full link green plan from order generation to package delivery, making tens of billions of express packages "green"

in terms of the source of delivery, the Cainiao supply chain has further increased the recycling proportion of old boxes in the tmall supermarket warehouse, using the intact packaging boxes delivered by the merchants to the warehouse to be directly delivered as express boxes. Only during the "double 11" period in 2020, Cainiao cooperated with more than 500 brands to carry out the delivery of original boxes or 0 plastic environmental friendly zipper boxes without adhesive tape, reducing the length of adhesive tape used, and it can circle the earth for a full 2 times. In addition, the "intelligent box cutting algorithm" independently developed by rookie can also automatically recommend the optimal packing scheme through the algorithm system of artificial intelligence deep learning, reduce "over packaging", and reduce the use of packaging materials by an average of 15%. 530million packages have been "slimmed down" in the rookie warehouse alone in the past year

in the process of consumer receiving, Cainiao United Express company has laid green recycling boxes in tens of thousands of Cainiao post stations and delivery points, and promoted the classified recycling and secondary utilization of express cartons and plastic packaging materials through the "box return plan". It is estimated that hundreds of millions of express paper boxes can be recycled every year

the person in charge of rookie green action said that after the preliminary test run, rookie will officially launch the "rookie ocean" large-scale public welfare interactive project, which is open to 50million consumers per day. Through daily participation in green logistics, consumers can accumulate energy to purify beaches and protect the marine environment. Recently, rookies have launched the "rookie ocean" on campus in more than 3000 colleges and universities across the country. Participating in logistics and green environmental protection is becoming a new trend for young people with special colors

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