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Rongshida panbaochun: let made in China win the world

Rongshida is a household brand. Pan Baochun, chairman of Hefei Rongshida Electronic Appliance Group Co., Ltd., is an entrepreneur who has been exposed frequently and praised a lot. Located in the home appliance capital of China, Rongshida is a well-known brand. Pan Baochun, chairman of Hefei Rongshida Electronic Appliance Group Co., Ltd., is an entrepreneur who has been exposed frequently and praised a lot

being in the capital of household appliances in China, pan Baochun wholeheartedly practiced the principles and policies of the party and the state, tried his best to create a better life for the people, and performed the duties of deputies to the National People's Congress with his heart, showing the style of the new generation of entrepreneurs who emphasized dedication, innovation and first-class

the innovation and entrepreneurship practice of Rongshida led by Pan Baochun has become a model for Premier Li's desk and has made immortal contributions to the development of smart home in China. It was honored as one of China's top ten more growing CEOs, China ASEAN outstanding young entrepreneurs, Anhui Youth May 4th medal, and Anhui outstanding socialist builder with distinctive characteristics. His typical deeds were recommended by Anhui economic news in 2017 and won the Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship Figure Award approved by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee

think about the world: open up the advantageous resources of large enterprises

pan Baochun is an entrepreneur and a philosopher. Whether the oil pipe connector is loose or not. No matter the employees of the group or the media, anyone who has had contact with him is deeply convinced by his profound thoughts and philosophical views

entrepreneurs should take on more social responsibilities, constantly innovate, manufacture more health products, and improve the national happiness index. Pan Baochun said that we have a new dream, that is, to cultivate a large number of enterprises and entrepreneurs who are respected by the society

this unswerving sense of family and country prompted him to overcome all opinions. In the new era of advocating supply side structural reform, mass entrepreneurship and innovation, he kept up with the pace of the times and resonated with the national strategy: integrate the nine elements of capital, manufacturing, market and brand gathered by Rongshida, an old national enterprise, into the open platform of Rongshida smart home full value chain innovation and entrepreneurship center, and open to the whole society

pan Baochun frankly said that as an entrepreneur in the new era, we must closely follow the theme of the times. Under his leadership, with the original intention of contributing to national development, sharing resources with the whole society, and sharing platforms with people of insight, Rongshida electronic and electrical appliance group, based on the group's deep accumulation in the fields of home appliances, building materials, new energy and other fields for more than 60 years, has achieved the miracle of mass entrepreneurship and innovation with the trinity of mass entrepreneurship and innovation platform + business cluster system + partnership system by accurately supporting makers in stages, and achieved the mass entrepreneurship and innovation miracle of 100% survival of entrepreneurial projects, Provide the whole society with replicable and referential innovative and entrepreneurial models and models

in recent years, Rongshida electronic appliance group has achieved leapfrog development driven by entrepreneurship and Innovation: it has successively obtained the national small and micro enterprise entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the mass entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base of the general office of the State Council, the 2017 manufacturing entrepreneurship and innovation platform pilot demonstration project unit of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national industrial tourism demonstration base of the National Tourism Administration, the smart home national specialized maker space of the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of human resources and social security China Light Industry Federation and all China Federation of handicraft industry cooperation jointly issued the national light industry advanced collective series awards

Rongshida's innovation and entrepreneurship experience has been highly recognized by the State Council, Party committees and governments at all levels, and has become a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship in large enterprises across the country

carry forward the past and forge ahead: safeguard the valuable assets of time-honored brands

China's manufacturing industry needs a large number of outstanding entrepreneurs who should bear a sense of responsibility and mission and devote themselves to the development of China's manufacturing industry. Pan Baochun said

in its view, we Smithers Rapra found that economy is the first economy, while local time-honored brands are the root of the economy and the vitality. It is this insistence on inheriting old brands that urges him to keep up with the pace of the times, make new achievements in the new era, uphold the cultural essence of old brands, comply with the development of the times and modern consumer needs, adhere to inheritance, innovation and development, and let the old trees of time-honored brands bloom new branches and maintain their youth and vitality forever

referring to Rongshida, pan Baochun was excited and grateful. This old brand has been with him through a very important stage of his life and has influenced him to this day: in 2003, he was only 29 years old and successful in his career. Attracted by the characteristics of the new energy industry, he resolutely joined Hefei Rongshida Group as the chairman and general manager of the group's solar energy technology Co., Ltd. In just a few years, Rongshida solar energy company, which started from scratch, has entered the country under his leadership. To sum up, it is a full introduction to the utilization and technical points of relaxation experimental machine. It is the top three in the solar energy industry and promoted to the first group army

in the 1990s, Rongshida, the tide of the times resounded throughout China, leaving a clear brand mark in people's hearts. A group of Rongshida elders, including pan Baochun, are full of feelings and expectations for this brand. In those days, Rongshida's entrepreneurial predecessors all had high spiritual quality and had very high requirements for enterprises and themselves, hoping to change the lives of Chinese people with products; Unscrewing the oil delivery valve makes the test bench rise by 10mm because of the persistence of that generation, a number of time-honored brands including Rongshida emerged in China at the end of the last century

it is estimated that China's direct and indirect losses are as high as trillions of yuan every year due to brand problems. As a time-honored brand in Anhui Province, Rongshida is willing to take the protection of time-honored brands as its own responsibility and lead Anhui local enterprises to rise against the trend. In order to reshape the brand and realize innovation and upgrading, pan Baochun decided to break the enterprise fence, make use of mass entrepreneurship and innovation to supplement the shortcomings in the direction of enterprise transformation, and open the advantageous resources of Rongshida large enterprises and old brands to the whole society. No matter the team or individual, as long as they have a skill, they can become a member of Rongshida's mass entrepreneurship and innovation platform

in Pan Baochun's view, old brands are valuable assets made in China. Old brands have their own cultural accumulation and spirit, and we have, and are more obliged to carry them forward. To this end, he took mass entrepreneurship and innovation as the engine, led the group to transform to smart home, made Rongshida realize Nirvana and rebirth, successfully made Rongshida, a time-honored brand with more than 60 years of enterprise development history, revitalize again, highlight and enhance the economic strength of local brands through innovative development, and realize the original intention of vowing to be the defender of national old brands

benefit mankind: help new domestic products to be exported to the world

some people say that China lacks brands when participating in global competition. In fact, it is not. We have many time-honored brands that are even longer than the founding history of some countries. How can we say that we lack brands? It's just that we ignore the value of these time-honored brands, or the way of foreign investment. Pan Baochun believes that in order for made in China to reach the top of the world, it is necessary to establish a national brand made in China and a Chinese product brand with Chinese characters

Chinese civilization has a long history, and has bred the precious spirit of the Chinese nation: great creativity, great struggle, great unity and great dream. Pan Baochun took the industrial revitalization of domestic products and the rectification of the name of made in China as his dream and goal to complete the perfect butterfly transformation from entrepreneurial practitioners to innovation leaders. Under his leadership, Rongshida electronic and electrical appliance group has also completed a magnificent turn from an enterprise that manufactures products to a platform that creates enterprises and entrepreneurs

having fought in the business world for many years, pan Baochun has always believed that benevolence is difficult before success. Enterprises must start with the end in any strategy. The implication is to analyze consumers' behavior habits, consumption trends and consumption experience. He said: the rise of IOT technology has brought global enterprises back to the same starting line, which is a major strategic opportunity for China's manufacturing industry to truly lead the world. Smart home will be a good gun for local brands to snipe at foreign brands. Rongshida makes every effort to build smart home whole house system solutions, and its products are exported to many countries and regions around the world

in January 2018, pan Baochun was honorably elected as a deputy to the 13th National People's Congress. The sense and mission of deputies to the National People's Congress have been fully reflected in him. His proposal to include the Chinese character trademark into the compulsory use has been highly valued by the State Intellectual Property Office

as a native Anhui entrepreneur, pan Baochun said that we must make newer and better domestic products enter the homes of ordinary people as soon as possible, contribute our lifelong efforts to the revitalization of manufacturing in China, and add luster to the five major developments of modernization in a beautiful Anhui

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