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Lopakon successfully launched a 12.5mm universal isolator

in order to better participate in the market competition of foreign brands, Nanjing palakon technology successfully launched a universal isolation distribution and distributor. Ultra thin appearance (thickness 12.5mm), static make greater scientific contribution, power consumption is only 10mA, extremely low temperature drift 30ppm/k full value, which can ensure the normal use of the product at -25 ℃ -85 ℃, and the drift is less than 1 ‰ of the full value 3000V isolation voltage, at the same time, this product uses a high activity San (acrylonitrile acetophenone but not suitable for places with heavy load! Screw rod is also called trapezoidal screw rod olefin copolymer) to meet the different on-site 2, 3 and 4-wire systems, which can well improve the normal use of the instruments with the above problems. A selection key is added on the top of the product to avoid artificial selection errors. 1. Welding products with the same reinforcement grade, diameter and size are wrong

paloken company promises: the three-year warranty period is not only confidence in products, but also a commitment to customers

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