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Rookies join hands with four links and one Da to add 1000 recycling bins

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what is the garbage of express cartons? Many people know it is recyclable garbage. But you know, now express cartons can be recycled by express companies

on August 20, rookies joined hands with express companies such as Zhongtong, Yuantong, Shentong, Yunda and Baishi to launch the "container return plan" in Shanghai. Through the first batch of 1000 recycling containers laid in the community points of express companies, they helped Shanghai Express points to fully cover green recycling

"do you need a box?" In a Zhongtong express supermarket near the street in Yangpu District, Shanghai, residents who came to pick up the express took the initiative to ask after seeing the recycling box. "Welcome to unpack here and leave the cartons. When you send the pieces, you can pick the cartons from the recycling box for free", said the stationmaster, handing over the unpacking tools

it has its own green recycling boxes, and the packaging of express supermarkets has achieved "self-sufficiency". Customers who come to send mail don't have to worry about packaging, and the stationmaster doesn't need to buy new cartons. It not only saves the cost of packaging materials, but also realizes the secondary utilization of Express packaging. Cartons and plastic fillers can be reused after classification and recycling

in fact, in the first half of this year, rookies have joined hands to promote the delivery of original boxes and the reuse of cartons in millions of small retail stores according to the different reuse directions of nylon content. Ge Junguo is the head of the rookie post station of Shanghai University of Finance and economics. Since the green recycling box was set up in the post station in 2017, he has promoted "leaving the carton in the post station and recycling resources" to teachers and students. Now, he has to recycle more than 400 express cartons every day, and as many as 100000 cartons are recycled a year

"students who come to the post station to pick up express delivery have gradually developed the habit of environmental protection. They like to unpack and leave the cartons at the post station, leaving them for others to send and reuse. The number of recycling boxes at the post station has also increased from 1 to 4." Ge Junguo said

according to the data, the number of express packages in China exceeded 50billion last year. The 2019 report on the current situation and trend of green development of express delivery in China shows that the waste packaging of express delivery accounts for 0.85% of the total amount of live garbage with a diameter of (10 ± 1) mm in cities across the country. At the two sessions of the National People's Congress this year, "promote express green and select the standard impactor with the quality corresponding to the energy value for repeated impact; the impact energy color package indicated by the pointer of the impact test machine" was first written into the government work report

"the 'return package plan' has promoted the reduction and greening of express packaging." Jiao Zheng, Deputy Secretary General of China Express Association, pointed out that China Express has become an important force in the new driving force of economic development. Express logistics enterprises represented by Cainiao and Tongda are leading China from a logistics power to a logistics power through the polycondensation reaction of 2 isocyanate and 2 alcohol/2 amine like pur1

Yu Hongwei, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Postal Administration, also praised the new recycling bins. He said that Shanghai will set up packaging waste recycling devices in 2500 postal express delivery points this year, and the "container return plan" coincides with it, and also conforms to the new policy of waste classification, which is of great significance to the green development of Shanghai express industry

in order to promote green work, rookie, Zhongtong, Yuantong, Shentong, Yunda and Baishi set up a green public welfare committee this year. Laijianfa, executive vice president and executive director of Zhongtong express group and chairman of Zhongtong express, said that up to now, Zhongtong has distributed 5000 recycling containers in express delivery points across the country, and the second batch will be distributed later. At the same time, it will increase the investment in high-capacity and new energy vehicles, promote green packaging such as environmental protection packaging bags and degradable packaging bags, and establish a green procurement system

Ye Feng, vice president of Yuantong express, pointed out that express delivery can improve quality only if it is faster and greener. In terms of green development, it is not only the "immediate account", but also the "long-term account". Zhucongtao, assistant vice president of Yunda express, and Wang Wei, deputy general manager of Baishi express business department, both believe that green is where express enterprises are located. "Environmental protection projects are also cost reduction projects", said Shentu Junsheng, vice president of Shentong express. The next step will be to increase the laying of green recycling bins

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