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Beite Futures: Shanghai fuel oil rose slightly and maintained a volatile downward market

[disk review] on Tuesday, the main 805 contract of Shanghai fuel oil opened significantly higher at 4379, then rose slightly to the 4390 line, then fell, and maintained a volatile downward market in the session, with an intraday low of 4330 to close at 4331. It closed 31 points higher than the settlement price of the previous trading day, with the trading volume reaching 43590 hands, and the position decreased by 1852 hands to 35160 hands

[1 general tolerance in the market line table is used for dimensional tolerance without tolerance indication]

1 Yesterday, the US crude oil index continued to rise strongly, rising US $0.85 to close at US $105.71

2. The Asian fuel oil market is stable

3. The quotation of domestic huataixing Singapore high sulfur fuel oil ABS remained at 4730 yuan. The major spot markets rose steadily

4. The price of imported fuel oil in Shandong market rose sharply, and the price of Korean straight run high sulfur 180CST warehouse rose sharply by 50 yuan/ton to 4820-4840 yuan/ton. Although local refineries have weak demand for imported oil due to refining costs, import resources are tight, import costs remain high, and market prices continue to rise

[technical analysis] technically, the main 805 contract opened high and went low on Tuesday, and there was no obvious trend in various indicators. In the future, we will continue to pay attention to the pressure near 4410 above, and the lower level will support 4280

[operation suggestions] in view of the strong upward trend of crude oil, the futures market has not been able to follow up the spot, the supply of spot goods is in short supply, and the quotation is rising. It is suggested that short-term long-term thinking, or intra day short-term trading

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