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Shanghai Electric promotes clean and efficient power generation technology

from June 6 to 8, the Shanghai Electric coal-fired coupled biomass/sludge/garbage coupled power generation technology promotion conference co hosted by Shanghai electric power station service company and Shanghai Boiler Plant Co., Ltd. was held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 100 guests from power plants and power plants across the country, including well maintained power plants, colleges and universities, were invited to attend the conference

the meeting was held in the form of thematic reports and panel discussions. Through the three theme reports of coal-fired coupled biomass power generation technology, coal-fired coupled sludge power generation technology, and coal-fired coupled garbage power generation technology, as well as the face-to-face communication and discussion between Shanghai Electrical Technology experts and guests, not only let more users know the advantages of Shanghai Electrical biomass/sludge/garbage coupled power generation technology, but also jointly discussed the prospects of related technologies, Strictly speaking, many special hy (1) 080 personnel followed up in time to meet the needs of users, analyzed the market dynamics, and created conditions for timely optimizing the technical route, providing users with the best technical scheme, the best product equipment, and the best after-sales service

at present, China is vigorously promoting the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society and promoting the comprehensive development and utilization of renewable energy, which has become an important topic and development direction of 20KN (3) 0 according to incomplete statistics of GGII, 0kn, especially the strategic innovation, transformation and upgrading of coal-fired power system. It is understood that coal-fired coupled biomass power generation is the most efficient and cleanest technical route for the utilization of biomass at present, and it is also the technical route mainly recommended by the national power "13th five year plan". The promotion and application of biomass/sludge/garbage coupled power generation technology meets the needs of national energy strategy diversification and the development of green and low-carbon economy, and is of great significance to promote the large-scale, efficient and clean utilization of biomass/sludge/garbage resources in China. Biomass fuel is a kind of renewable energy. Using biomass for power generation can effectively use the biomass around thermal power plants and solve the environmental governance problems such as direct burning of biomass in the field. At the same time, it is of great significance to save coal, improve China's energy structure, reduce the emissions of harmful gases and soot, make full use of local resources, and enhance the economic benefits and viability of enterprises

at present, the coal-fired coupled biomass/sludge/garbage power generation system independently developed by Shanghai Electric has passed the expert review organized by the general electric power planning and Design Institute

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