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Shanghai Electric Printing and packaging group will provide the latest packaging solutions

the first world packaging Expo to be held in Beijing on June 2 has attracted the attention of many people in the domestic printing industry. In the context of the current domestic and international economic situation, as a weathervane for the development of the industry, the Expo has attracted special attention

it is reported that as a leading printing and packaging group in China, Shanghai Electric Printing and packaging machinery group will participate in this packaging event in a group way. In addition to displaying the latest products of its enterprises on the spot, Shangdian printing bag also held many seminars on packaging and printing, folding carton packaging and so on at the same time of the event. As one of the most active packaging markets in the world, China is receiving more and more attention from the world packaging field. In order to open up new markets and improve their competitiveness, Chinese packaging enterprises are also eager to enter the international market. According to the working principle of the wire winding testing machine, the relevant person in charge of the electronic printing package, the primary purpose of holding this seminar is to build a blown film driven by the film blowing machine for the industry and the electronic printing package through the openness of the exhibition, which brings so many convenient and most convenient communication bridges to food processing and commodity packaging

the following is about the specific situation of the seminar:

green printing, win the first opportunity for you Seminar on packaging and printing solutions

the growing creative design concept of packaging technology has brought unprecedented innovation, and the times need more innovative and flexible solutions. Automatic printing production system, online glazing, post printing and flexible format make the production process more compact. Not only limited to printing equipment, low-cost, environmentally friendly packaging and printing solutions, Shanghai Electric Printing and packaging machinery group will present wonderful content for you at a certain height

with the enthusiasm after the opening of the WorldExpo, the packaging event held in Beijing on June 2 and 6 will present a wonderful 1200 square meters under 60000 square meters for nearly 1000 exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors, and take you to experience the charm of scientific and technological innovation: let the machine no longer be dull and cold, let the ink be full of natural fragrance, and let the green vitality set off a climax of quality

how to realize low-cost and environmental protection production? Please pay attention to the wonderful moments in w-101 conference room at 10:00 on June 3

innovative equipment and solutions to explore ways to add value for you Seminar on folding carton packaging solutions

today, with the increasingly fierce competition, printing enterprises have shifted from the simple stage of equipment competition to the stage of focusing on differentiated competition and high cost performance of products. Help customers create personalized, more perfect and fitting folding bubble gum to produce glass transition carton equipment and solutions, and help you stand proudly in the fierce market competition

there is no best, only better. In the era of technological revolution, only by continuously investing in innovative ideas can we grasp the lifeline of the market and attract customers' attention. We don't have the best machine, but we will have a better solution. Because of innovation, let glory and dream come true! What is innovation? How to innovate? Please pay attention to the wonderful moment of w-101 conference room at 13:00 on June 3

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