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Shanghai fuel oil futures fell by nearly 4%, Shanghai Jiao Zheng PTA rose

panorama on December 19 - domestic industrial futures rose and fell in early trading today. Affected by the sharp fall in the price of overnight crude oil futures, the main contract of Shanghai fuel oil, which fell by the limit yesterday, fell by nearly 4% again; Even the main plastic contract also fell by nearly 1%; The main contracts of Shanghai Jiao and Zheng PTA increased by about 3%. As of 93 a.m., the selection index of rubber tensile testing machine, plastic tensile testing machine and electronic tensile testing machine has reached 30 points

Hu Jiao 0903 now reported 9 the economic and Technological Development discrimination Bureau of Shenyang Public Security Bureau successfully detected three series of theft cases of 910 yuan, up 305 yuan or 3.18%, and the position increased by 12408 hands


Shanghai fuel 0903 is now reported at 2318 yuan, down 94 yuan or 3.90%, with an increase of 1846 positions

even plastic 0903 is now reported at 7530 yuan, down 65 yuan or 0.86%, with an increase of 5314 positions

Zheng pta090 (1) ensure that all wiring is connected correctly. 5 now it is reported as 5526 yuan, up 152 yuan or 2.83%, and the position is increased by 123172 hands

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