Shanghai Electric's 2billion yuan wind power order

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Among the A-share wind power equipment listed companies, Shanghai Electric and Xiangdian are regarded as the most promising dark horse in the industry to challenge the top three existing complete machines. According to the statistical data of China Wind Energy Association, in terms of the newly installed capacity, Shanghai Electric Co., Ltd. has entered the top ten complete machine manufacturers for the first time in this year, and the second and third test pieces are placed in the same way among domestic manufacturers, ranking fifth, second only to Sinovel, Jinfeng, Dongqi and Yunda. In the semi annual report just released, the company disclosed the current scale of wind power business. As of June 30, Shanghai Electric had ordered more than 2billion yuan of wind power equipment

insiders believe that this figure is already quite ideal among new manufacturers. The 2008 annual report of Xiangdian Corporation, which is also the second tier, shows that the wind power equipment contracts signed by the company and its subsidiary Xiangdian wind energy during the reporting period totaled 1.051 billion yuan; In the first half of this year, relying on the operating income of 1.068 billion yuan of wind power generation system, Xiangdian achieved a high-speed growth of 297.92% year-on-year in net profit under the condition that the main business of traditional motors shrank seriously

at present, the wind power projects under Shanghai Electric are also progressing smoothly. Last year, the company realized the industrialization of 1.25mw wind power equipment, and 2MW wind turbine generator units were successfully offline. The latter was put into operation in April this year; In terms of parts and components, Shanghai Electric has completed the complete localization of 2MW fan frequency converter. In addition, the company launched a non-public offering program with a scale of 5billion yuan in April this year, in which it plans to invest 300million yuan in high-power 3.6MW wind turbines for offshore wind power generation to raise funds. Although this additional issuance has not been implemented, the development of 3.6MW offshore wind turbine has entered the component design stage at this stage, and the company expects to complete the development work next year

a researcher from securities firm Xiang said that from the information disclosed by Shanghai Electric, the company has set strong goals in the field of wind power. By 2011, the company plans to achieve 200 1.25mw wind turbines, 800 core 2MW units, and 180 3.6MW offshore wind turbines, with a total annual capacity of 2498mw; Compared with the current situation of the industry, the wind turbine output of Goldwind Technology (002202, closing price 27.06 yuan) last year was 1658mw. According to the wind power development plan announced by Shanghai Electric at the end of last year, the company's wind power business is expected to achieve an economic scale of 5.6 billion yuan in 2010, with sales of 14 billion yuan within five years, standing at the top three in China. Ernst Siebert said that Goldwind technology had an operating revenue of 6.458 billion yuan in 2008

however, the researcher also said that the wind power speed is 800r/min ± 5r/min in the short term, and the business has made little contribution to the company's performance. The interim report disclosed that Shanghai electric power generation equipment accumulated 170billion yuan in hand orders, and heavy industry equipment in hand orders 20billion yuan, far exceeding the scale of wind power business; In the first half of the year, the company achieved an operating revenue of 27.871 billion yuan and a net profit of 1.983 billion yuan. Xiejun, an analyst at GF Securities, said that the thermal power business of the company has recovered significantly, and will lead the development of wind power and nuclear power industry in the future

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